By: Gov Auctions | 30 December 2012

Why You Should Invest in Company Vehicles

Investing in company vehicles is a great way to give your business its best chance to thrive, so make sure anyone representing your business is backed by a decent company ride. The following is a look at some of the many reasons to invest in company vehicles for your business.

Make a good impression

When it comes to being successful in the world of business, looks do matter, so if you or any of your staff need to be out and about in the course of doing business, it is important to get around in a professional-looking ride. By investing in a fleet of decent company vehicles, you and your staff will make an impact from the moment you roll into the parking lot.

Increase efficiency

Not all of your employees want to – or can afford to – spend a lot of money on their vehicles, and as a result many of your staff will drive cars that are less than 100 per cent reliable, which can risk costing your business time and money. Investing in company cars for your business will mean your staff will be driving vehicles they can count on, enabling them to avoid losing time to car troubles and therefore be more efficient and effective.

Boost sales

If your business sells large products that require a large vehicle to deliver them, investing in your own fleet of delivery vehicles can do a huge amount to boost sales. Far more customers will be willing to make that large purchase if you can offer them an easy way of getting it home. Whether you pick up a delivery truck at a government auction or a delivery van or two via a car auction online, investing in company vehicles can do a huge amount to boost your sales.

A perk for your staff

In order to attract quality staff to your business and keep them, you need to provide more than just a good rate of pay, and investing in company vehicles for your staff will be a fantastic perk and yet another reason for them to stay. Having a company vehicle included as part of their job can save your staff members a huge amount of money, and is a carrot guaranteed to help tip the scales in favour of those awesome staff members sticking around.

It’s good advertising

With your own fleet of company cars you will have a huge amount of free advertising anywhere those vehicles go, so if you have decided to invest in company cars for your business, ensure you have at least some form of simple branding on them as well. Avoid overdoing your advertising on your fleet of vehicles, otherwise you risk making your business look tacky, but ensure you at least have your business name, website and logo on each vehicle.

While you should build your fleet of company cars at a slow and steady rate, investing in vehicles for your business is a great way to help it start to thrive. If your up-and-coming business is doing well and you’re looking for ways to improve operations, consider investing in some company cars, because it may be all your business needs to really start taking off.