By: Gov Auctions | 7 January 2013

Why You Need a Car’s Service History

When you are shopping for a car there is a lot you need to know, so if you want to avoid buying a lemon, take your time considering your options and do plenty of research. While there are a lot of factors you should watch out for, one of the best ways to judge a vehicle is by examining its history, and the following is a look at a why the service history of a car is such a h2 indicator of quality – or lack of it.

Proof of maintenance

Even if a car looks good and runs well, the only way you can be sure it will continue to do so is by checking out its service records, because these records are the only real proof any maintenance has been done. Regardless of whether you are buying a car through the classifieds or an online auto auction, make sure there is proof of the car having been maintained.

Evidence of accidents

If you are seriously considering buying a car, make sure you know whether it has been involved in any accidents, and the best way to investigate this is by taking a look at the service history of the vehicle. Even a minor accident can compromise the safety of a vehicle, so if the service history indicates an accident has taken place, make sure there is also a record of any problems having been taken care of. Otherwise, look for something else.

Judge usage

While you can tell a certain amount about a car by how it looks and the amount of kilometres it has travelled, knowing how it has been driven can help you to better determine the overall state of the vehicle. By looking at a car’s service records you can tell how quickly those kilometres have been added, giving you a better idea of the amount of wear the vehicle will have accumulated. It is wise to steer clear of vehicles that have added a lot of kilometres quickly, as such vehicles will be far more likely to have problems sooner rather than later.

Proof of ownership

Knowing how many owners a vehicle has had can give you a good idea of how high or low quality an option it may be, because it is unlikely that a decent car is going to go through very many sets of hands. Take a look at the service records for the car and take note of how many people have owned it, and prioritise vehicles that have had as few owners as possible.

Know what to expect

You will be able to tell from the service history of a vehicle what maintenance work will soon need to be done, which can make a significant difference to whether or not you can afford to keep the car on the road. Whether you are looking for cars at auto auctions, car yards or through private sales, check out the car’s service history and take note of what vehicle maintenance is coming up.