By: Gov Auctions | 20 November 2013

Introduction to Car Auctions

Countless individuals and businesses have purchased vehicles at car auctions. These auctions are held online or in physical locations, and they are popular as they provide buyers with access to a wide variety of quality, pre-owned vehicles.

Who Should Use Car Auctions?

Car auctions are suitable for just about anyone. They are used to sell any type of vehicle including large cars, trucks, and even boats and motorcycles. It is possible to find very high quality vehicles that are near new or in excellent condition.

How Car Auctions Work

Car auctions proceed like any other type of auction. Buyers can start by looking online or in advertisements for car auctions being held in their region. The car auction organisers might offer a preview date, during which the bidders can inspect and perhaps test-drive the cars.

Once the buyer is certain that they want to buy the item, they bid in person on auction day. It is vital for buyers to conduct necessary research and make sure that they understand the relevant terms and conditions before auction date.