By: Gov Auctions | 30 May 2013

Pros and Cons of Having Your Own Business Fleet

These days more businesses than ever before have their own fleet of vehicles, but if your business is considering investing in your own fleet it is wise to carefully consider this big decision first. The following takes a brief look at some of the pros and cons of having your own business fleet.


Improve Reliability

A huge benefit of having your own business fleet is that you can ensure that your staff members have reliable vehicles to get themselves to and from all of their various meetings and important work engagements. So if you want to reduce the chance of unreliable vehicles leading to untimely and embarrassing problems for your business, investing in your own business fleet, whether new or at government auction, is a very wise business move.

Boost Your Brand

A business’s brand and reputation and extremely important if it is any chance of being successful, and investing in a quality fleet of vehicles for your business is a great way to give your brand a boost. Your workers will be making a far better impression turning up to those important business meetings in a stylish fleet vehicle rather than their run down personal ride, and by carefully branding those vehicles with your business name or logo your vehicles will be advertising your business far and wide.

Support Your Staff

Providing your staff members with fleet vehicles is a marvellous way to support them in doing their jobs, and by picking up your business fleet cars second hand or at government auto auctions it won’t even need to cost your business very much money. Apart from making it easier for your workers to get to where they need to go, providing them with a company car will save them having to invest in a vehicle of their own, and this thoughtful show of support is bound to have your workers feeling far more connected and loyal to your business.


It Is A Sizeable Upfront Investment

The only downside of having your own business fleet is that it will require a sizeable initial investment, because apart from the cost of buying all of those vehicles, if you want your vehicles to be painted up with a business brand this will cost quite a bit of money as well. While these costs will essentially be one time only expenses they can still add up to quite a lot of money, so if you are considering investing in a fleet of vehicles for your business you will need to have a decent chunk of money set aside to cover the initial costs.

It’s Only Worth It If Your Business Needs Them

Even though the idea of having a fleet of vehicles appeals to most businesses it is only worthwhile if your business is one that requires your workers to do a lot of driving around. So if your workers only need transport to get to and from work, you are far better off covering their transit costs or paying a petrol allowance rather than spending thousands on your own fleet of business vehicles.