By: Gov Auctions | 23 November 2013

How to Find a Car Auction and Save Big on a Car

A car is a major purchase and the typical buyer wants to find a quality vehicle within their budget range. To save more on a car, buyers can consider government and police car auctions. These auctions offer pre-owned, high-quality vehicles that are cheaper than retail vehicles.

Government Auctions

Government auctions usually feature vehicles that have been seized by police or pre-used vehicles from government departments. These vehicles will usually have been well maintained, and the auction company might offer a warranty with the vehicle purchase.

Find an Auction

Start by looking online, as most reputation auctions will have an online presence. The site might contain a catalogue for upcoming auctions, and some might have an online-bidding facility. There is usually no fee for access; if the auction asks for an access fee, double check before paying as it could be a scam. However, purchase fees are standard as are no-refund policies.

Buying at Auction

Shop around and find out as much as possible about individual vehicles before committing to buy. Ask for the sale contract and review it before bidding, if possible. As long as the buyer stays aware of terms and conditions, they have a good chance of finding a great bargain within their budget range.