By: Gov Auctions | 2 December 2013

Buying Company Vehicles at Auction

While it would be great if one could buy cars at wholesale prices, usually one needs to have a dealer’s license to do so. According to Business Fleet, organizations looking for ways to save on their company vehicles can consider buying at car auctions for a better, less expensive deal.

Benefits of Buying at Car Auctions

Buying at retail prices can be expensive for businesses that need an entire fleet of cars. Public auctions that feature government or seized vehicles are an excellent alternative to retail outlets. These auctions often provide cars at a fraction of their original price, and many vehicles are in near-new condition.

How to Bid

The buyers bid for the cars online or in person. Many auctions give the buyers an opportunity to look over the cars or even take a test drive before they bid.

Terms and Conditions

One thing to be aware of is the terms and conditions, as these can be very different from buying retail. Doing plenty of research and getting educated about the terms, policies, and process will ensure success at an auto auction.