By: Gov Auctions | 15 January 2014

Selling a Car through Auction, Dealer, or Private Sale

When the time comes to sell a car, there are three main options for arranging a sale - dealer, auction, or private sale. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. took a look at all three:


Selling a car to a registered car dealership can be more convenient than the other two options. The seller does not need to advertise, screen buyers, and arrange the sale. However, the price may be lower than at private sale or auction, as the seller is effectively trading a lower price for convenience. Depending on the car, this may not be a major difference, and the lower price could be worth the time savings.

Private sale

Private sales can be more time consuming, but they could be worth the effort as the seller can end up with a better price. Private sales could attract more buyers as many second-hand car buyers look to private sales for a cheaper bargain. However, the car needs to be well presented and advertised to attract a good price.


Car auctions are another option for selling a used car. With the reach of the Internet, auctions today can attract more potential buyers and allow sellers to realise a better price on their vehicle. Other than the advantages associated with high exposure, there is the fact that most of the paperwork will be taken care of by the auction house, which means more convenience and time savings for the buyer.