By: Gov Auctions | 30 January 2013

Replacing the Family Car with a Government Fleet Vehicle

Even the best family vehicle won’t last forever, so as sad as it may be to see that great ride go, replacing it with a government fleet vehicle is a fantastic way to ensure you find a worthy replacement. The following are some of the main things to consider when it comes to finding the right government vehicle for your family.

Advantages of government fleet vehicles

Reliable – For a family vehicle to be worth having it needs to be reliable, and your best chance of finding reliability is with a government fleet vehicle. Government vehicles are required to meet above-average safety standards, including having all of their proper services done throughout their time in service, which makes them easily among your most reliable options.

Affordable – Most families don’t have a huge amount of money to spend when it comes to buying their next car, but government fleet vehicles can often represent extremely good value. Government vehicles are usually auctioned off, and there is often a focus on making a quick sale, so if you know what you are looking for and have done your homework, you can find some truly incredible deals.

How to buy a government fleet vehicle

Government auctions – The best place to find a good government fleet vehicle is at a government auto auction, and depending on where you live, they can take place as often as once a week. However, before you start bidding, make sure you know where the vehicles have come from, because government auctions can include anything from fleet vehicles to those that have been seized.

Set a budget – Before you head off to any of those government auto auctions hunting for your new family vehicle, first sit down and establish a budget you can afford. Don’t forget to include extra expenses such as insurance when making your budget, and if you are planning on borrowing money, make sure you won’t stretch your budget too much making those repayments.

When to replace your family vehicle

Every few years – Having a family vehicle that is safe and reliable is crucial for any family, which is why it is worth updating your vehicle on a fairly regular basis. Government fleet vehicles are usually upgraded every three years, so by following the same cycle with your family vehicle upgrades, you should be able to always have an up-to-date and reliable family car.

As your family grows – The most obvious time to replace your family vehicle is when your family starts to outgrow your current ride, and you can find a government fleet vehicle to fit just about any size family.

Replacing your family ride with an ex-government fleet vehicle is a marvellous way to upgrade your transport capabilities, as well as make sure your family has the support it needs. While you should still do plenty your own research, consider all options and perhaps even enlist the help of a mechanically minded friend, your best family vehicle options are most likely among those that are ex-government fleet.