By: Gov Auctions | 26 December 2013

Obtaining a Good Deal at an Auction

Everyone wants a fair price for his or her purchases. As an alternative to buying retail or directly from a shop, consumers can opt for alternatives such as online shopping or auctions. Auctions, in particular, are popular for everything from houses and cars to clothes and electronics. They can offer a fun and exciting way to buy. Here are some tips from Ask Men:

Auctions Defined

At an auction, buyers compete for the item through a bidding process that results in the highest bidder buying the product. As such, the market sets the final price.

Different Types of Auctions

There are different types of auction formats. Government auctions are those that feature products used by government departments or seized by the police. These might include cars, jewellery, electronics, and other valuables.

The most widely known type of auction is the real estate auction, where buyer bid on a house or property. Commercial, retail, residential, and other types of real estate are sold at these auctions.

Liquidator’s auctions are less common, and they feature goods and property from businesses that have gone bankrupt. Finally, there are auction houses that specialise in certain industries. A well-known example is Christie’s, which deals in art and antiques.