By: Gov Auctions | 26 May 2015

Hatchbacks vs Sedans


When shopping around for a new or used car, many people first think about whether they should purchase a hatchback or sedan. Most manufacturers make both hatchback and sedan models of their vehicles, so the choice is in the hands of the consumer. But what’s the best option from those two? The answer is dependant on your personal preferences and needs when it comes to driving, however there are some pros and cons to both hatchbacks and sedans. This article will look at the advantages of hatchbacks and sedans, hopefully making the decision process a little easier for you.

The pros of hatchbacks

  • Smaller in the rearA smaller car rear makes it easier to reverse park. If you have trouble parking, you’ll have a better idea of where the car ends when reverse parking, helping you avoid those nasty little rear bumps.
  • Rear windscreen wiperAlmost all hatchbacks will have a rear windscreen wiper, whereas sedan’s don’t usually. This makes it easier to see behind you in wet weather.
  • More cargo spaceBelieve it or not, some car designs work very well with the back seats folded down, providing for a lot of room in the boot and back seat area. This is handy for when you need to luggage baggage or heavy items around, however it’s not of much use if you need to have a passenger in the backseat (such as kids).
  • Looks and appealHatchbacks are often designed to look a lot sportier and sleeker than their sedan counterparts. A lot of people find this look more attractive, and while it depends on personal preference, it’s still a pro nonetheless!
  • ConvenienceMany people enjoy the convenience of hatchbacks. They’re easier to park in many cases, have a lot of room in the trunk, and are very easy for carrying bulky goods and bags if needed.
  • Resale valueHatchbacks tend to retain their value better than sedans. When trading or reselling your hatchback, you may find that the value of your vehicle is a little higher than if you were trying to resell a sedan.

The pros of sedans

  • Privacy in the backSedans give users the opportunity to store goods in the boot without them being seen from the outside. The sedan has an actual trunk for items to be stored inside, while hatchbacks have a back windscreen that can show what is stored in the back. This can sometimes mean unwanted break-ins when carrying valuable items - a concern that needs not be made when driving a sedan.
  • StyleMany people prefer the style of the sedan, thinking it provides for a more ‘muscular’ look than the cute, tiny hatchback. Again, this is up to personal preference, but a sedan often looks ‘tougher’ and less ‘delicate’, having its own style when it comes to showing off on the roads.
  • More room for passengersA lot of sedans will focus more on cabin space than boot space, making it the perfect choice for those with kids. Legroom is an important factor when choosing a car, and you may find there’s more room to move in a sedan when compared to a hatchback.
  • AcousticsAlthough it may not be very noticeable, some have mentioned that the acoustics in a sedan are a lot less noticeable than in a hatchback. Music and chatter will not echo as much in sedan, although this may not even be noticeable to some people.

No matter which way you look at it, deciding between a sedan or hatchback is entirely a choice that comes down to personal taste and needs. If you’re single and a drummer in a band, then a hatchback may be a good option due to its expanding trunk space when the seats are folded down. If you have a family with two children, then a sedan may be what you need to allow your growing family room to move in the back. Decide on your needs, and then think about which vehicle to go for. This will make your decision a lot easier.