By: Gov Auctions | 22 September 2012

Buying Ex-Government Fleet Vehicles

Among the most common places for an auction vehicle to originate are government fleets, and more often than not these can be some of the best deals at the auction. The following is a brief look at buying ex-government fleet vehicles at auction, as well as some of the benefits of doing so.

Nearly new

Government vehicles are only used for a very short period of time before they are upgraded and replaced, which means that more often than not the government vehicles at auction are still relatively new. For the most part, vehicles will be less than 10 years old and can often be purchased at auction at a fraction of the cost of their estimated worth, making them tremendous value.

Well-maintained vehicles

In order to look out for the health and safety of the workers driving the vehicles, government fleet vehicles are always well maintained, with any necessary repairs taken care of straight away, and regular maintenance done at the recommended intervals. This means that if you are bidding at government car auctions, it is likely that the vehicles are in pretty good condition.

Low mileage

There is far less chance of anything going wrong with a car in the first part of its life, and for this reason government vehicles are usually upgraded as soon as they reach a certain kilometre point. Whether it is 40,000 km or 50,000 km, it is sure to be low mileage regardless. Therefore, almost all of the government vehicles at auction will have a lot of life left in them, and will usually represent good value for money.

Detailed car records

It is required that governments keep records of absolutely everything to do with their functioning, and this includes their fleet of vehicles, so if you come across any government auction cars, they will generally have extremely detailed records. These records should include documentation of any repairs and upgrades or servicing that may have been done throughout the years.

Minimal selection

The one drawback of buying ex-government fleet vehicles is that there is generally not a terribly big selection of styles, makes and models to choose from, so if you are looking for anything special, you may need to be lucky to find it. However, if you just want a fairly regular-looking car that runs well, there is sure to be an ex-government vehicle just right for you.

Be vigilant

Don’t assume that just because a vehicle used to be part of a government fleet that it is automatically a fantastic deal, because any vehicle can have its problems, and you should check every option extremely carefully.

Ex-government fleet vehicles have become one of the most popular vehicles to buy at auto auctions, and more often than not they represent the best value there. When you are looking into buying your next car, seriously consider buying an ex-government vehicle at auction. Apart from end-of-lease vehicles or those owned by very meticulous people, few second-hand cars could compare to ex-government fleet vehicles.