By: Gov Auctions | 15 December 2013

Buying at Police Impound Auctions

Police impound auctions offer a range of different items for sale. Jewellery, real estate, cars, personal effects, and electronics are some of the things that might be sold off at an impound auction. As impound auction items tend to be cheaper than full-price items, an impound auction could be the place to find a good bargain. Here are a few tips provided by eHow.

How Impound Auctions Work

Buyers can attend auctions in person or the auction may be held online. A physical auction give the buyer an opportunity to inspect the products being offered for sale in person. Buying at an online auction usually means the purchaser has to pick up the item or pay for the shipping costs.

There are usually basic auction rules that apply; for example, purchasers who intend to bid for items might be required to show identification and register their interest before bidding.

Finding an Impound Auction

Police impound auctions are held from time to time in most major cities or towns. Proceeds from auctions are typically directed back into the public service. It is uncommon for returns to be accepted, so buyers should make sure that they are confident before they bid.