By: Gov Auctions | 10 December 2013

A Beginner’s Guide to Car Auctions

Car auctions are one of the best places for car buyers to found a great deal on quality second-hand vehicles. These auctions feature hundreds of cars for sale, providing buyers with a wide selection of choice. For this reason many private car buyers are opting to purchase at an auction.

Car auctions typically offer quality, pre-owned vehicles ranging from small cars to large SUVs and trucks. Depending on the vendor’s terms and conditions, the car may or may not come with warranty. It is important for the buyer to review all terms and conditions and ask for a copy of the contract before bidding.

In some cases the vehicles to be auctioned off may be catalogued on the auction website in advance of the auction date. In this case, the buy can review the cars on offer and make a shortlist of potential purchases. Some auction organisers will allow the purchasers to test drive the car before bidding.

Purchasers should budget for buyers’ fees, make sure they understand the bidding rules, and understand how the day will proceed before attending the auction.